PAACS Ethiopia program’s main training center is located at Soddo Christian Hospital, and partnered by Myungsung Hospital.

Mission: Sponsored by the St. Luke’s Healthcare Foundation

Profile: Soddo Christian Hospital has been open since January, 2005. It was built to reintroduce a Christian mission hospital to the region following the takeover of a SIM mission hospital. It is licensed for 199 beds and has 144 presently. There are four wards, one surgical, one maternity, one medicine and pediatrics, and one orthopedic. It is a general hospital and treats the full range of clinical problems found in a developing country. HIV is not yet a common problem in this rural area of Ethiopia.

Time Difference: +7 hours DST ahead of Eastern time, +8 hours ahead of US Eastern Standard Time.

Travel: Commercial airlines to Addis Ababa, then a 5-hour drive to Soddo.

Location: Soddo is 330 Kilometers south of Addis Ababa in a mountainous region with beautiful weather at 7,400 feet elevation. Soddo, a town of nearly 100,000 people, is in the middle of the Wolaitta area, which has about 2.5 million people.

Language: English is spoken by the educated hospital staff. Amharic is the official language of Ethiopia and is spoken by many.

Climate: The climate at Soddo Christian Hospital ranges from 60 – 65º F at night with warm to hot temperatures in the day ranging from 80 – 90º F The humidity is generally low. The rainy season lasts from May to October; however a shorter rainy season goes from January to March. A 10,000-foot mountain is nearby and a Rift Valley lake can be viewed from the hospital site.

Religion: Islam and Orthodox Christianity are the primary religions. SIM evangelical Christians now have over 950 churches and over 120 evangelists in other areas of Ethiopia.

Housing: Accommodations are in a guesthouse or duplex, depending on the number of guests. The homes and guesthouse are completely furnished and have electricity, running water, water filters, refrigerators, gas and electric burners, electric ovens and a microwave. There is domestic help who can prepare meals and do cleaning. Most foods can be purchased in the city of Soddo. Meat, butter and processed foods should be purchased in Addis Ababa before arriving at the hospital.

Program Director: Dr. Andrew Chew

Additional Faculty: Dr. Duane Anderson (Orthopedics); Dr. Mark Karnes (Ob/Gyn); Dr. Tewodros Tamiru (GS); and Dr. Dongsoo Shin (GS)

Began Training Residents: January, 2005; joined PAACS in February, 2006

Watch this video:  Soddo 2014 Promo Video