Mission: Seventh-day Adventist Church, Malawi Union

Profile: Malamulo Adventist Hospital is a 275-bed Christian mission hospital in the rural location of Makwasa, in Southern Thyolo District of Malawi. The Malamulo Mission was founded in 1902. The hospital started as a clinic in 1915, then as a Leprosarium in 1925, and developed into a referral hospital by 1953. The hospital has an active Outpatient department along with Surgery, Adult Medicine, Maternity, Gynecology, Pediatrics, Radiology, and Laboratory. There is also a Women’s Center for Cancer Screening, Community Department, Dental Clinic, Eye Clinic, several Satellite Clinics, and an HIV/AIDS Treatment Center.

Time Difference: +6 hours ahead of US EDT, +7 hours ahead of US EST

Travel: Commercial airlines to Blantyre (BLZ), then a 1 hour drive to Malamulo.

Location: Malamulo Adventist Hospital is located in a beautiful rural area in the tea, coffee, and macadamia plantations of Southern Thyolo, 50 km from Blantyre.   

Language: English is the official language at the hospital. Patients speak Chichewa or Portuguese and may speak a variety of local dialects.

Climate: Malawi’s tropical climate has three main seasons.  The rainy season begins in late November and lasts into April. From May to August, the winter season, days are warm and nights are cool (~50 F). September through early November is the dry, hot season.

Housing: Most short-term visitors stay in a comfortable guest house with electricity, filtered water, washer, refrigerator and kitchen facilities. Local shopping is available for fruits/vegetables.

Program Director: Dr. Ryan Hayton

Asst. Program Director: Dr. Moses Kasumba Kaggya

Additional Faculty: Dr. Cassandra Graybill (Ob/Gyn)

Began Training Residents: August, 2014