Kijabe Hospital has both a General Surgery Program and a Pediatric Surgery Fellowship.

PAACS General Surgery Program

PAACS Pediatric Surgery Fellowship

Profile: AIC Kijabe Hospital has been open since 1915 and in its present location since 1961. It is licensed for 260 beds presently. The hospital is currently equipped with 9 operating rooms, including a modern ICU, Dental, Laboratory and Pathology units. Two PAACS training programs are based at Kijabe: the General Surgery Residency and the Pediatric Surgery Fellowship.  Bethany Kids at Kijabe Hospital is a semi-autonomous unit within the AIC Kijabe Hospital dedicated to the holistic care of children with various surgical conditions and disabilities.

Time Difference: +7 hours ahead of US EDT, +8 hours ahead of US EST.

Kijabe Hospital Kenya

Travel: Commercial airlines to Nairobi, then about a 1-hour ride to Kijabe.

Location: Kijabe hospital is northwest of Nairobi and is located just off the road going from Nairobi to Nakuru. Click here for a map. The hospital sits about 6,000 feet above sea level at the edge of the Great Rift Valley and overlooks a breathtaking scene across the valley. It is located down a 6 km narrow winding paved road off the main highway.

Language: English is the official language of the hospital and the records are written in English. Many of the patients who come speak Kiswahili or other tribal dialects.

Climate: Kijabe means “Place of the Wind” in the Maasai language, because the wind blows constantly, particularly at night. Seasons are reversed from the United States, meaning that the hottest time of year is from December to February. Daytime temperartures in those months range from 70-80º F and around 70º F at night. During the coolest months of June to August, temperatures range from highs of 60-70º F and around 50º F at night. There can be a lot of mud during rainy seasons. There is a long rainy season (Mar-June) and a shorter one (Oct-Dec).

Religion: The population is generally Protestant or Roman Catholic. About 20% of the population is Muslim.  A smaller percentage are Hindu. Some of the smaller remote tribes practice animism and spirit worship.

Housing: Accommodations are in modern comfortable homes, duplexes or apartments. These are simply furnished, safe and near the hospital and have kitchen equipment, hot water and electricity. Most foods can be purchased in Kijabe, although at possibly higher prices than in Nairobi, with its more modern stores.

Program Director: Dr. Tim Berg
(General Surgery)

Program Director: Dr. Erik Hansen
(Pediatric Surgery)

Additional Faculty – General Surgery: Dr. Beryl Akinyi, Assistant Program Director (GS); Dr. Peter Bird (GS), Dr. Richard Davis (GS); Dr. Daniel Galat (Orthopaedics), Dr. Jana MacLeod (GS); Dr. David Nolen (ENT) and Dr. Chege Macharia (H&N / GS)

Additional Faculty – Pediatric Surgery:  Dr. Ken Muma Nyagetuba, Assistant Program Director

Began Training Pediatric Surgery Fellows: 2004

Began Training General Surgery Residents: 2008