Mission: Christian & Missionary Alliance.

Profile: Bongolo Hospital is a 158 bed Christian mission hospital in the town of Lebamba in Southwest Gabon. The hospital started as a small dispensary in the 1950’s and in 1977, the first team of medical missionaries began building what would eventually become the Bongolo Hospital. The hospital has an active Outpatient department along with Surgery, Adult Medicine, Maternity, Pediatrics and Laboratory. There is also a Dental Clinic, Eye Surgery Clinic, and an HIV/AIDS Treatment Center.

Time Difference: +5 hours DST ahead of Eastern time, +6 hours ahead of US Eastern Standard Time

Travel: Commercial airlines to Libreville, then, associated with Bongolo Hospital is “Aviation Medical de Bongolo” a flight program with a Cessna 207 that makes the trip from Libreville to Lebamba in about 2 hours then a 15 minute drive to the hospital or a 10 hour drive to Lebamba from Libreville. There is a Gabonese airline that flies from Libreville to Tchibanga, then a 2 hour drive to the hospital. The airline only flies on certain days, so check with the hospital before booking any flights.

Location: Bongolo Hospital is located in a lush forested rural area in the small town of Lebamba, 340 miles southeast of Libreville. Map

Language: French is the official language at the hospital. Patients mostly speak French, but speak a variety of local dialects as well.

Climate: The climate at Bongolo is hot and very humid almost all year round as it is located very near the equator. Except during the dry season of June to October, temperatures range between 80 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity is near 95%. From mid-October to mid-June, it rains for a few hours most days.

Housing: Short-term visitors stay in a comfortable guest house with electricity, filtered water, washer, refrigerator and kitchen facilities. Local shopping is available for fruits/vegetables.

Program Director: Dr. Zachary O’Connor

Asst. Program Director: Dr. Jennifer O’Connor

Additional Faculty: Dr. Nzanzu K. Anatole (General Surgery) and Dr. Simplice Tchoba (General Surgery)

Began Training Residents: 1996