The mission of Arusha Lutheran Medical Centre is to serve, treat and minister to the whole person; in body, mind, and spirit with the love and compassion of Jesus Christ.

Profile:  Arusha Lutheran Medical Centre (ALMC) is a hundred bed hospital opened in 2008 to serve the growing medical needs of Arusha, Tanzania. Together with its sister hospital, Selian Lutheran Hospital (SLH), there are over two hundred beds, seven operating theatres, and 550 staff. 

ALMC is a referral level hospital with specialty consultant care and SLH is a community hospital.  Together, there is specialty care provided at both hospitals in Medicine, Pediatrics, OBG, General Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, and Pediatric Surgery.

Many of the special medical ministries of ALMC/SLH are provided to the marginalized and forgotten in our communities.  Fistula surgery, Plastic surgery for burns and cleft lips, Orthopedic surgery for club foot and fluorosis, Pediatric surgery for spinal bifida and hydrocephalus are all provided to our community.  There is a very large HIV programme, a major Hospice and Palliative Care Programme, and a considerable rehabilitative unit for children to recover from their surgical care.

In addition to PAACS residents educational programs for nursing students, assistant medical officer students and medical officer interns are run from our center.

Location:  ALMC/Selian are located in Arusha in northern Tanzania.  This is situated at 1500 meters of elevation and so provides a lovely temperate climate.  Arusha has a population of 1.6 million and is a major city.  Travel to the area is either by road from Dar es Salaam or Nairobi or by air into the Kilimanjaro International or Arusha Regional Airports.

Language:  English is the language of medicine in Tanzania.  Meetings, lectures, charting, and rounds are done in English.  Swahili is the official language and common language of Tanzania.  Swahili will definitely be needed to communicate effectively with patients and to some staff.

Religion:  Tanzania is about 60% Christian and 36% Muslim. In the cities, Asian religions also appear.  There is a large underlying component of traditional African beliefs.  The Catholic Church is the largest Christian community while the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania is the largest protestant community.

Housing:  Residents receive a housing stipend from the hospital, used to rent their own dwellings.

Program Director: Dr. Wendy Willmore

Program Director: Dr. Frank Madinda

Additional Faculty:  Dr. Paul Kisanga (GS); Dr. David Halter (GS); Dr. Catherine Mung’ong’o (Pediatric Surgery); Dr. Charles Sweke (OB/Gyn); Dr. Samuel Mgelwa (OB/Gyn); Dr. Andrew Browning (VVF); and Dr. Jefrey Kibira (Orthopaedics)

Program Started:  January 2014