Become a Resident – Harpur Hospital in Egypt

The PAACS program will prepare residents who start at the first or the second year level to pass Egypt’s Master of Surgery examination (if they have not already done so) and then continue their training with PAACS for two additional years. This will give them the opportunity for advanced clinical and technical training and confidence in managing a wide variety of surgical complications. The advanced training they receive will include laparoscopy, trauma management, major abdominal procedures, cancer surgery, and critical care.

  • Doctors without previous surgical training may apply to start at the first year level.
  • Applicants who have already completed two or more years of training in the Egyptian system or who have received Egypt’s Diploma of Surgery may apply to begin their training at the second or third year level, though their final placement will not be decided until after they have worked for three months and the faculty has evaluated their skills and knowledge base.
  • Applicants who have received Egypt’s Master of Surgery certificate may apply to start at the third year level. However, they should understand that the PAACS faculty reserves the right to extend the length of training for residents whose technical and clinical skills are inadequate.

To receive the esteemed PAACS Certificate of Competency in General Surgery, all residents in training must successfully pass PAACS’s annual MCQ examination and bi-annual performance evaluations and must complete a combined total of five (5) years of surgical training, including training they completed prior to joining PAACS. They must also qualify for Egypt’s Doctor of Surgery certificate or Master of Surgery certificate for licensing.

To qualify for PAACS-Egypt, an applicant must:

  • Be a citizen of Egypt
  • Be a graduate of a recognized medical school
  • Have finished his or her government obligation of service before beginning to train with PAACS
  • Have received his or her medical license and medical school diploma
  • Be less than 35 years of age when applying
  • Be fluent in English
  • Have a credible, written character reference from someone who knows the applicant well.
  • Have a written recommendation from a medical colleague who has worked with the applicant in a clinical setting (forms for these recommendations must be used and are available on this web page)
  • An applicant must be in excellent health without any conditions that would limit the applicant’s ability to complete the requirements of a PAACS training program (see the PAACS Health Certificate form is on this website)
  • An applicant must agree to find his or her own financial support during training, or apply for a PAACS Support Stipend for financial support
  • An applicant who applies for a PAACS Support Stipend must agree in writing to work after graduation at a hospital approved by the PAACS one full year for each year of PAACS-supported residency training
  • The applicant must agree to participate in all aspects of the training program, including extra-mural activities
  • After sending a completed application form to the Program Director, the applicant will need to pass an oral interview with the PAACS Program Director at Harpur Memorial Hospital.
  • If the Program Director deems the applicant to be a suitable candidate the applicant(s) will need to have a second interview by the PAACS Residency Selection Committee of Egypt (PRSCE). This committee will consist of the PAACS Program Director, Assistant Program Director, an adjunct faculty member, and one or two other members from the hospital staff or hospital board. The decisions of this committee to accept or not accept an applicant will be final and binding and will not be subject to appeal.



Please download and fill out the PAACS Resident Application to begin your application process.

Please download and fill out the PAACS Health Certificate form.

Email Your Application and Form

Please email your completed PAACS Resident Application and the Health Certificate to

Special Note: The complete application is due by  15 September of the year prior to beginning training January 1. The application has multiple parts so begin early and be aware that the full application with all accompanying documents needs to be completed by September 15.

Applicants who are accepted by the Residency Selection Committee must be available to begin training on 1 January of the year of admission, with the understanding that they may not pursue other university-based courses during their training with PAACS, with the exception of courses that are absolutely required for the Diploma of Surgery or the Certificate of Surgery.

Applicants wishing to apply for the PAACS Support Stipend may delay applying for this stipend until after their candidacy is approved by the Residency Selection Committee. Once accepted they may complete the PAACS Support Stipend form online and return it to:


Dr. David Thompson

For further questions about PAACS-Egypt write or call:

  • David Thompson, PAACS-Egypt Program Director at, telephone +200-120-104-3072.
  • Harpur Memorial Hospital Director +2048/3660011-3662834.  Fax  +204-836-62534.  Mobile:+201-233-79458

PAACS Resident Testimonies

PAACS is blessed to be able to educate and disciple residents in 10  different hospitals. All of our residents have amazing stories that led them to pursue a career in surgery. We are honored to share some of the testimonies of their journey of becoming a PAACS surgical resident.