Get Involved

  • Become short-term faculty. We need surgeons of all types (including ob-gynecologists), gastroenterologists, radiologists and pathologists. Since we are not a sending agency, the vast majority of our short-term faculty go out with the help of either World Medical Mission or Medical Teams International. They will assist us by vetting the medical and spiritual credentials and assist you with door-to-door travel. They keep in close contact with the various programs and are able to determine whether there is a need for your specialty and room for you at a given hospital at a given time. Go to the Short Term Mission page to find out more.
  • Become long-term or career faculty. Please click here to find the requirements for becoming career faculty and what needs to be done to properly prepare.
  • Pray regularly.  You can download the latest PAACS Prayer Guide 2018-19 and each day, pray along with us for the programs and the people involved.
  • You can donate.  Donations in any amount are helpful but we challenge you, perhaps along with a group of friends or church-members, to completely support a resident each year ($25,000).  Donations can be given by credit card, check or electronic withdrawal.  Please click here to donate.
  • You can help us recruit both personnel and donors:
get involved with PAACS
  1. Talk with your friends about PAACS.
  2. “Like us” on Facebook.  
  3. Follow us on Twitter.
  4. Go to our Resources page to download our PAACS brochure to give to your surgeon and other friends. 
  5. Consider hosting a dinner in your area and someone familiar with PAACS can come and speak at your event.
  6. Pitch PAACS to your Sunday School class, home group or church mission committee, asking for their financial support. Encourage them to sign up for the monthly electronic e-mail, the PAACS Bulletin.