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Christian Doctor’s Digest Interview of Bruce Steffes (October 2014)

Reaching The Unreached

Five hundred million heathen have not yet been evangelized, so it is computed! Yet our great Missionary Societies have reached high water-mark, and if they have not al- ready begun to retrench they are seriously thinking of doing so. Meanwhile, the heart of Asia, the heart of Africa, and well nigh the whole continent of South America, are untouched with the Gospel of Christ.

C.T. Studd, the famous British cricketer turned mission- ary, made that statement more than 120 years ago, long before smartphones, internet and international ights. And yet, the statistics he quoted are worse now in 2016, despite the fact that parts of those great continents have been reached with the gospel to varying degrees. There remains hundreds of millions of souls on the continent of Africa who face physical suffering on this earth and an eternity without Christ. In fact, there are billions—not millions, but billions—of people around the world who are still untouched with the gospel.

These statistics and the philosophy behind Studd’s comments are exactly what drive the mission of the Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons (PAACS). And it’s something we take extremely seriously as we seek to make a difference in the spiritual and physical health of an entire continent.

As a commission of CMDA, our goal is to train Afri- can physicians to become surgeons in Africa for Africa, with the intent of serving their fellow Africans for a life- time. With academic credentialing provided by Loma Linda University and recognized by both African col- leges of Surgery, PAACS uses mission hospitals to give training in general surgery, orthopedics and pediatric surgery. Additionally, a one-year fellowship in head…

Are you interested in being a surgical educator on the mission field? Here is a guide.

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Your Mission: Get Ready! Get Set! GO!

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by Dr. Bruce Steffes

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Humorous & Heartbreaking Stories From A Jungle Operating Room
by David C. Thompson, MD

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